Mystic Dragonrider

The Dragon Kingdom of Nogard

Dragons Of The Seasons:

 Here are the Dragon Legends of the Seasons. These include the Dragon of Spring, Summer, Autumn and the Dragon of Winter.


  The Dragon of the spring is pale green in colour with the odd patch of rose-quartz pink. She is reborn on the 1st of Spring and her reign lasts until the beginning of Summer. She is the Queen of Spring and in charge of all the dragons that belong to the spring months. Her name is Aprilth and she represents new life in the Dragon Kingdom.


  The summer dragon's scale are shining onyx black licked with livvid flames of red and orange. Born at the very heart of Mount Smoking Top, the most active and deadly volcano on the whole of Nogard, Dragarth is fiery and quick to anger. Sleeping three quarters of the year he awakes on the dawn of  Summer and reigns until the first day in Autumn. He represents fire and passion in the Dragon Kingdom.


   From the beginning of Autumn until the first day of Winter, when the leaves are dressed in their dying colours, the Autumn dragon has her reign. Often seen flying above the fringes of The Great Forest on foggy mornings, with the cold wind of Winter calling, Equinth enjoys the feel of the crisp air on her golden wings. Her scales, the golden gown of Autumn, her eyes bright bonfires dancing under the stars. She represents mystery and wild beauty, like the secretive tree spirits and the scattered leaves dancing on the wind.


Past the North most mountains, in the icy wastes, where the Snow-Breaks meet the Ice-Fire dwells the Dragon King of Winter. Living in his frosty palace of Leivkreig he has his reign over Nogard from the first day of winter that is heralded by the gust of freezing air of his artic breath until the first day of spring when the air is once again coloured with friendly warmth. Istkarith prefers to live alone, preferring the feral wilderness of the tundra. He represents solitude and intelligence in the Kingdom of Dragons and is highly respected by the other dragons of the seasons.

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